CE(European Conformity) Marking Certification

CE Marking is also well known as CE mark. This is a mandatory conformance mark on many products to be placed in European market. With the CE marking on a product the manufacturer ensures that the product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives. The letters "CE" stand for ("European Conformity").
CE Mark is a product certification for organizatons that want to penetrate or develop a particular market or sales opportunity. CE Marking certificate helps to meet sales and quality objectives. CE Mark certificate opens the door for entry the product to Europe.
CE Marking is required for certain exports to the European Market. These are made mandatory by Directives released by the European Union.CE Marking is independent of the quality requirements of the product as it applies with mandatory European safety requirements.

If you manufacture or import products which fall into the scope of one or more of the New Approach Directives you will then need professional guidance on how to meet all the essential requirements of these directives.

How will I benefit?
  • Benefit from CE Marking expertise within your organisation
  • Work without uncertainty when placing products on the EU market
  • Gain recognition as a producer of products with CE Marking
  • Improve the quality and safety of your medical devices
  • Increase EU market access and boost customer confidence

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