GMP (Good manufacturing practice) Certification

A good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product. Many countries have legislated that pharmaceutical and medical device companies must follow GMP procedures, and have created their own GMP guidelines that correspond with their legislation.
"Good manufacturing practice" or "GMP" is required being adapted in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals or drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics, foods and medical devices.
GMPs are assure that:
  • Raw materials used in the manufacture of drugs are of known, and of possibly standardized, quality and are free from contamination
  • The manufacturing process has been proven to produce a pharmaceutical product meeting its quality attributes
  • Adequate quality control testing measures have been employed to assure that the product meets its quality specifications at time of release to market, and at the end of its shelf life.
  • Poor quality products can damage health.
  • GMP helps boost export opportunities.
Benefits of GMP certification
  • Reduced duplication of inspections
  • Enhanced market access
  • Export facilitation
  • Cost savings
  • Customers, employees, stockholders, regulators and competitors develop sustainable respect for an organization which demonstrates its proactive commitment to food safety.
  • Main Markets/Key Customers.

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